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Use the catalog below to access the City of Toronto's datasets. Click on the name of a dataset to view additional information for that dataset. By accessing the data catalogue, you agree to the Open Data license.

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Bicycle Count and Locations

These files provide the locations of where the September 2010 Bicycle Counts were collected as well as the results at each location.

Shapefile, XLS

Bicycle Counts

This dataset contains the movements of cyclists at various intersections and multi-use trails within Toronto.

ESRI Shapefile, Excel

Bicycle Post and Ring Locations

The City of Toronto installs post and ring bicycle parking stands on City sidewalks and boulevards which have a minimum width of 2 metres. Transportation Services performs site inspections of requested locations to determine if the suggested location is suitable for this program.

ESRI shapefile (up to 2005) and Excel (2011)

Bicycle Shops

A geospatial file that shows where bicycle shops are located in Toronto.

ESRI Shapefile

Bike Share Toronto

The system includes 1,000 bikes, 80 Bike Share terminal locations with 1,500 docking points in Toronto's downtown core. View a map of Bike Share station locations on the Bike Share Toronto website.

Live feed - JSON


The Toronto bikeways data contains bicycle lanes, signed bicycle routes and pathways

ESRI Shapefile, WGS84

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Economic IndicatorsUpdated

Toronto Economic Indicators is a monthly publication produced by the Economic Development Division.


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Green P Parking

This dataset includes Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) information about GreenP and TTC parking lots (off-street parking).


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Multi-Use Trail Entrances

A geospatial file that shows where all the trail accesses are located in the City of Toronto.

ESRI Shapefile

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On-Street Permit Parking Area Maps

Polygons are used to define the boundaries of permit parking areas so permit parking holders can visually identify where their parking permit will authorize them to park.

ESRI Shapefile, WGS84 - Latitude/Longitude

One Way Streets

Linear representations of one way streets found within the City of Toronto.

ESRI Shapefile, WGS84

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Parking Tickets

This dataset contains non-identifiable information relating to each parking ticket issued for each calendar year since 2008.


Polls conducted by the City

Polls are conducted to establish the opinions of residents and businesses on various topics covered by a City by-law.  Data set will capture and record the results of polls for statistical purposes.


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Red Light Cameras

This dataset identifies the intersections in Toronto where red light cameras are located.

Excel, ESRI Shapefile

Road RestrictionsUpdated

This dataset is a live feed of current road restrictions/closures and RESCU incidents in the City of Toronto.

Note: As of November 23rd, 2017, we have moved the Road Restrictions feed to a RESTful service allowing us to improve the delivery of the information.

The benefits of this change include:

  • The information is published faster.
  • The Url is mirrored in both HTTP and HTTPS environments.
  • More data formats available.


Live feed - JSON, JSONP, XML, XSD,

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Sidewalk Inventory

The sidewalk inventory provides information on presence and location of sidewalks along all Transportation Corridors in the city of Toronto using the Toronto Centreline as the base network.

ESRI Shapefile

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TTC Real-Time Next Vehicle Arrival (NVAS)

The NVAS XML Feeds provide real-time next vehicle arrival information, including: vehicle locations, predicted arrival & departure times, and route definitions.


TTC Ridership - Ridership Numbers and Revenues SummaryUpdated

This dataset is retired. The following datasets now replace it:

TTC Average Weekday Ridership

TTC Annual Passenger Rides Peak (000s)

TTC Annual Passenger Rides Non-Peak (000s)

TTC Monthly Ridership

TTC Ridership Revenues


TTC Ridership Analysis

This dataset measures first point of payment when boarding at the start of a journey using the TTC.


TTC Routes and Schedules

Data contains scheduling information (route definitions, stop patterns, stop locations, and schedules).


Taxicab Stand Locations

This dataset contains the locations of approved taxicab stands in Toronto.

ESRI Shapefile, Excel

Toronto Centreline (TCL)

Linear representations of streets, walkways, rivers, railways, highways and administrative boundaries within the City of Toronto

ESRI Shapefile, WGS84

Toronto Economic Bulletin

Toronto Economic Bulletin – data from various sources providing a monthly snapshot of the city/regional economy.


Traffic Cameras

This dataset contains all the locations (latitude, longitude) of the traffic cameras within the City of Toronto. Associated/Reference URLs are also included with this dataset.


Traffic Signal Vehicle and Pedestrian Volumes

This dataset contains the most recent 8 hour vehicle and pedestrian volume counts collected at intersections where there are traffic signals.  The data is typically collected between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (with breaks).


Traffic Signals Tabular

This dataset contains all the locations of the traffic signals in the City of Toronto.


Transportation Division Bridge Data

The 'Structures' dataset shows the bridge locations as points in a shape file and records in a excel file. Each record in the datasets has the structure ID, Type and Class. Each record also has the location description, ownership and year of construction for the structure. With each record there are 2 sets of coordinates identifying the location in WGS'84 (lat.&long.) and NAD'27 datum, 1974 adjustment and projected in 3 degree MTM.

ESRI Shapefile

Travel Times - Bluetooth

A feed of traffic speed on City-owned highways and major downtown streets

XML (real-time), CSV (historical), ESRI Shapefile

Turn Restrictions

This Dataset contains turn restrictions, turn limitations and multi-level crossing.

ESRI Shapefile

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Utility Cut Permits

Locations in the City of Toronto where Utility Companies have been granted permission to perform excavations within the public right of way to perform utility maintenance work.


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Vehicles Utilizing Green Technology

List of all vehicles that utilize green technology managed by Fleet Services.  The list provides information on make, model and model year and the division using the unit.


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Wellbeing Toronto - TransportationUpdated

This dataset contains three worksheets with descriptions and statistical information relating to pedestrian and traffic collisions, TTC stops and road kilometres and volume.


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