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CFSE announcement

IMPORTANT: The CFU is undertaking a review of its project funding grants programs (e.g., Access Equity and Human Rights, Community Festivals, Community Recreation, Community Safety, Service Development Partnership Investment) via the Community Investment Strategy Review.  

The 2016 grant application process has ended. 

We will accept applications for the new grant programs when they are launched in 2017. 

Please check back in spring 2017 for new grant program announcements and deadlines.

Community Festivals & Special Events

The Community Festivals & Special Events Investment Program (Community Festivals) provides start-up or early-stage funding for small not-for-profit festivals and community events held in the City of Toronto that encourage residents to have fun, participate in their community, connect with each other, and contribute to a community's strength.

About Community Festivals & Special Events

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Funding Programs Review and Multi-year Funding

SDFA is going to undertake a comprehensive review of Community Recreation, Community Festivals, Access, Equity & Human Rights (AEHR), Community Safety Investment (CSI), and Service Development & Improvement Program (SDIP) over the next 16 months, with the roll out of the new and/or revised grant programs in spring 2017. The purpose of the review is to:

  • Ensure that Community Investment Funding  programs are aligned with and advances the City's strategic priorities;
  • Find ways to better support new and emerging community groups; and,
  • Respond to the changing needs of the community sector.

To ensure seamless transition to the revised and/or new grant programs in 2017, the 2016 grant programs will cap multi-year funding to two years instead of three. As a result, 2016 Community Festivals funding is available for up to two years.

Grant guidelines and application resources

Documents to download for your application

The grant guidelines will provide you with information on all eligibility criteria. Please review it first if you are considering applying for funding or calling for further information.

Deadline for application is Wednesday, December 2, 2015. Late applications will not be accepted.


Community Festivals & Special Events Funding Guidelines

Grant Guidelines

Project Submission Questions – Your Working Copy 

(Please download and save to your computer to draft your answers before applying online.)

Project Submission Questions

Applicant Profile Questions - Your Working Copy

(Please download and save to your computer to draft your answers before applying online.)

Applicant Profile Questions

Work Plan Template 

(MUST be attached to the online application by ALL applicants)

Work Plan

Two-Year Budget Template for multi-year requests

(MUST be attached to the online application for two-year requests only)

Two-year Budget

Organization Budget 

(MUST be attached to the online application by those organizations that do not have audited financial statement)

Organization Budget

Organization Application Approval Form

(MUST be attached to the online application by ALL applicants)

Application Approval

Trustee Acknowledgement Form

(only for those groups that have identified their trustee in the application)

Acknowledgement Form
Working with a trustee/administrative partner guide Trustee guide

Detailed Instructions: how to use the online grants system

(please download and have it accessible as you fill in the online grant forms)

Instructions to use the online application

City of Toronto policies

Toronto Grants Policy Website Link

Declaration of Compliance with Anti-Harassment/Discrimination

Legislation & City Policy
Website Link

Community Festivals & Special Events Information

Information for funded groups

Please contact your Agency Review Officer if you have any questions about your project activities, the grant or the reporting requirements.