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Ward 18 Local Area Study

This study has been completed. The Final Report "Besides the Tracks: Knitting the Rail Corridor Back to the Community" and the final Staff Report can be found here.

Study Outline


The purpose of the study is to look comprehensively at the area adjacent to the rail corridor on the west edge of Ward 18. The area is diverse, with employment uses (small and large scale), residential neighbourhoods, vacant lots, parks, commercial uses and community services. The area is also experiencing increased development interest and new development is beginning to fill in some of the vacant and underused lots.

City Planning staff have started the 5-year review of the Official Plan including a Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR) of all Employment Lands. A number of these Employment Lands are adjacent to the rail corridor that forms the western boundary of Ward 18. These lands continue to support employment, including the Nestlé plant with over 475 employees. To complement the MCR, it is important that the City consider the physical and community infrastructure of the area along with the potential to better connect these lands to the surrounding areas.

This will allow City staff to respond proactively to any proposals in the area and plan for long term investment in, and revitalization of, these lands.

Study Area


The Scope:

1. Review the transportation network, including the potential for reconfiguration and expansion of the public road network.

2. Review potential improvements to the pedestrian and bicycle network, including the expansion of, and connections to, the West Toronto Rail Path.

3. Identify potential locations for new parks and open spaces and/or the expansion of existing parks and open spaces.

4. Identify deficiencies in community services in the area.

5. Identify incentives to encourage employment uses in the areas identified as Employment Areas within the study area.

6. Be complementary to the Municipal Comprehensive Review now underway as part of the 5-year Official Plan review.

7. Review of Heritage Buildings in the study area.

Project Timeline and Public Meetings:

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October 2011
Public Meeting 3

Late 2011
Report to Toronto and East York Community Council  

October 19, 2011 - Community Meeting 3
On October 19th City Planning staff reported back to the community on what we have heard at the first 2 community meeting and community walks. The presentation below was made, followed by discussion about the priorities of the community as development in the area continues. There was also some discussion about the types of employment that should be encouraged to remain and grow in the study area.

July 18th and July 19th - Community walks

June 6th and June 13th - Community Meetings 1 & 2
On June 6th and June 13th Planning staff and Councillor Ana Bailao hosted community meetings to gather information from the community about the area covered by this study. Planning staff presented information about the study (see link to the presentation below) and then residents were asked to provide comments on a series of maps that were posted around the room (see map links below). Hundreds of comments, suggestions and questions were recorded on the maps, all of which will be instrumental in informing the outcome of the study. Please review the maps linked below and let Sarah Phipps know if you have any further comments, questions or suggestions about the topics covered by each map.


  1. Open Space
  2. Heritage
  3. Pedestrian Realm
  4. Road Network
  5. Bike Paths
  6. Community Services and Facilities
  7. Places of Worship
  8. Human Services and List of Services and Facilities

Contact :

Sarah Phipps
Senior Planner