Water Treatment

R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant

RC Harris Treatment PlantFor more than 70 years, the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant has provided safe drinking water to Toronto’s residents and York Region.

Located in an attractive east-end community called The Beach, the plant is well known for its architectural features. It is often described as a “sparkling jewel by the lake”.

Where does the water come from?

One of four City water treatment plants, the R.C. Harris takes raw water from Lake Ontario, then cleans, disinfects and converts it into safe potable/drinking water for pumping into the City’s distribution system.

Fast facts about the plant

  • Located at the foot of Victoria Park Ave.
  • Constructed in the 1930s
  • Named for Roland Caldwell Harris, Commissioner of Works from 1912 to his death in 1945
  • Began operating on November 1, 1941
  • Declared a national historic civil engineering site in 1992
  • Remains Toronto’s largest water treatment facility
  • Operates 24/7 in an environmentally responsible and cost-efficient manner

2016 statistics

Total annual plant water produced 113,450 million litres
Percentage of plant water produced to the overall system 25%
Number of days the plant operated 366 days
Average daily production 310 million litres
Maximum day's production 576 million litres
Date of maximum water production January 31, 2016