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Use the catalog below to access the City of Toronto's datasets. Click on the name of a dataset to view additional information for that dataset. By accessing the data catalogue, you agree to the Open Data license.

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3D MassingUpdated

This is a geospatial 3D ESRI shape / 3D CAD format file of building shapes for City of Toronto

Shapefile, Multipatch, AutoCAD, SketchUp

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Bike Share Toronto

The system includes 1,000 bikes, 80 Bike Share terminal locations with 1,500 docking points in Toronto's downtown core. View a map of Bike Share station locations on the Bike Share Toronto website.

Live feed - JSON

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Chemical Tracking (ChemTrac)

This dataset report information each year about the use and release of 25 "priority substances" as contaminants in Toronto's environment and of concern for health.


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Forest and Land Cover

High resolution land cover dataset for Toronto with eight land cover classes.

Erdas Imagine Large Raster Spill file

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Heat Alerts and Extreme Heat Alerts

This database reflects the days between May 15 - September 30 in the current and previous years, when a heat or extreme heat alert has been issued for the City of Toronto.


Heritage Districts

Heritage Conservation Districts (HCD) in City of Toronto. This is a GIS polygon file.

ESRI Shapefile

Heritage Register

City of Toronto Inventory of Heritage Properties. Register of City-wide listed and designated properties as defined under the Ontario Heritage Act, Part IV and V.

ESRI Shapefile

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Live Green Toronto Membership Card Businesses

This dataset contains a list of the participating businesses, their locations and their special offers for Live Green Toronto Membership Card holders. This data was collected to facilitate connecting cardholders and businesses participating in the Live Green Toronto Membership Card program.


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Solid Waste In-Park Assets

Solid Waste Management Services assets inside parks, which are owned, serviced, or both, by SWMS.

ESRI Shapefile

Solid Waste Pickup Schedule

This dataset contains the curbside residential weekly pick-up schedules for green bin, garbage, recycling, yard waste and Christmas trees

Excel, CSV, Text

Street Tree Data

This data set contains the common and botanical name as well as diameter size, street address and general location reference information for street trees within Toronto. 


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Toronto Beaches Water Quality

The Beach Water Sampling Program for the City of Toronto is a co-operative effort between Toronto Public Health, Toronto Water, the Marine Police Unit, Parks and Recreation Department.


TransformTO Community Feedback

This document contains the raw community feedback from TransformTO community engagement in 2015 and 2016. Community members shared ideas on low-carbon initiatives and actions that will help Toronto achieve our 80% greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal by 2050.


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Vehicles Utilizing Green Technology

List of all vehicles that utilize green technology managed by Fleet Services.  The list provides information on make, model and model year and the division using the unit.


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Waste Wizard Lookup table

This data set feeds Waste Wizard, an online waste sorting tool found on Solid Waste Management Service's homepage. It contains over 1500 waste items and provides information on how to properly handle and dispose of the item.


Watermain Breaks

This dataset is used to track watermain breaks within the City of Toronto boundaries.

Excel, ESRI Shapefile

Wellbeing Toronto - Environment

This dataset contains information relating to the Environment for the 140 neighbourhoods that make up the City of Toronto. The dataset includes data on green spaces, green rebate programs, City green retrofits, pollutants and carcinogenic scores and the City's tree cover.


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Zoning By-law

City-wide Zoning Bylaw No. 569-2013 regulates the use of land, the size and location of buildings and parking across the City.

ESRI Shapefile

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