Registration Information

How to register text on blue background with i for informationNew participants or individuals requesting support must contact the Adapted Program & Integrated Services Staff to receive a membership and to get a supplemental registration package mailed out to you. All forms must be returned to the Adapted and Integrated office prior to the start of the program.

All participants must have a client number to register. 

To ensure the most enjoyable experience for all participants, families/caregivers a confidential information sharing session will be conducted with staff prior to the start of the program.

Transportation is the responsibility of the registrant or family member.

For more information please contact the Adapted Programs and Integrated Services Staff

Etobicoke/York District          416-394-8533

North York District                416-395-6183

Scarborough District               416-396-7760

Toronto/East York District     416-397-4690

When determining whether a participant may need additional support to participate consider the following:

  • any special requirements you may have
  • type of support person required
  • is personal care support required
  • is extra support required at school or home
  • does the participant access assistance from a support agency

Families who are providing their own support person must indicate this with the facility supervisor and fill out the appropriate paper work. 

Integrated Services  

For Special Needs Support Staff Provided by the City (at no additional cost)

Special needs support staff are available for people with disabilities who require assistance to participate in general recreation programs.  There is no additional cost for the special needs support staff.

The following steps are necessary:

  • Using the available registration methods, register into recreation program barcode of choice.
  • Request a special needs support staff by registering into the district support staff bar code listed in the FUN Guide
  • If the request for support worker is full, please register to be on the wait list.

Please Note:

  • Integration support may be available in a 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3 ratios of staff to participant.
  • All requests will be reviewed and matches of staff to children will be allocated to the programs chosen.
  • For Fall, Winter and Spring: Support Staff may be provided for one (1) Recreation program per session
  • For Summer: Support staff will be provided for summer camp only for up to two (2) weeks.
  • Evening and weekend support is not available.

Adapted Programs - How to Register 

Adapted Programs are specialized programs for individuals who have special needs and/or disabilities and want to participate in recreation activities with others who have similar interests, abilities, and needs. These programs are designed with smaller group sizes.

For Adapted Programs, use the following steps:

  1. Using the available registration methods, register into Adapted recreation program barcode of choice
  2. If the program is full, please register to be on the wait list

Note: If participants require 1:1 support for behavioral, personal or medical care, they may be requested to provide their own support worker/family member/volunteer.

Any participants who have never registered in an adapted program, must complete an additional registration process to become eligible for these programs.

Call your district's Adapted and Integrated office to have an application package sent to you. Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. We recommend you register very early.

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