60 Plus

Get active

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Health & Wellness

Remaining active at age 60 and beyond is an essential part of cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Research supports the need for more physical activity as we age. In addition to feeling good, being healthy and looking young, an active lifestyle can also contribute to:

  • Greater independence and the ability to keep doing the things you enjoy
  • Stronger muscles, increased mobility and flexibility and better balance
  • Prevention of chronic conditions or lessening of symptoms related to chronic conditions such as joint pain
  • Increased social connection
  • Less stress and isolation and an improved quality of life
  • More energy

A little goes a long way

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes (just two-and-a-half hours) of moderate- to vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity per week for 60 plus adults to achieve health benefits. Beginners can start by exercising in just 10-minute intervals. Adding muscle and bone strengthening activities at least twice a week is also recommended.

With over 40 fitness facilities, 63 indoor pools and hundreds of fitness and aquafit classes, the City of Toronto makes it easy to get your recommended weekly exercise.

A number of community recreation centres also have walking/running tracks and walking clubs for 60 plus adults.

Grab a friend or loved one to walk, run, hike or bike the City's parks and trails.

Get more information about how to register for City of Toronto recreation programs and classes.

Find out what drop-in programs are offered for 60 plus adults at a community recreation centre near you.

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