Building Permits

Building Permit Review Streams

Toronto Building has two application streams, a "complete" application stream or an "incomplete" application stream. The Building Code specifies time frames for the review of complete building permit applications, however, there is no time frame for the review of incomplete applications.

Complete Application Stream

A building permit application is considered complete when:

  • The permit application form has been completed.
  • The application is signed by the owner of the property or the authorized agent of the owner.
  • All attachments and forms may be submitted with the application on a rewritable DVD and certain applications may be submitted by email.
  • The application is accompanied by one set of plans and specifications.
  • The application includes an issued Zoning Certificate (ZC).
  • Confirmation that all Applicable Law has been satisfied, as required by the Zoning Certificate
  • All fees have been paid.


 If all the conditions above are met, the Building Code specifies the following time frames for the review of complete building permit applications.

  • 10 business days for a house
  • 15 business days for a small building
  • 20 business days for a large building
  • 30 business days for a complex building


Within the specified time frame, Toronto Building will either issue or refuse to issue a building permit and will provide in writing all reasons for the refusal.

Incomplete Application Stream

This stream is for applications where you are unsure that your project complies with all building regulations.

There is no time frame for review of this stream of permits and no re-examination fee.

It is strongly recommended that you submit an application for a Preliminary Project Review (PPR) prior to submitting an application in the incomplete application stream.

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