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Former City Councillor David Soknacki

Ward 43 Scarborough East

Former City Councillor David SoknackiDavid Soknacki was the Councillor representing the western portion of Scarborough East riding from 1999 to 2006. Councillor Soknacki gained experience as a community association president, columnist for the Scarborough Mirror, host on Scarborough television, as well as a volunteer on many locally based projects. Prior to entering public life he founded a manufacturing and distribution business.

Councillor Soknacki was first elected Councillor in the City of Scarborough in 1994, where he was elected Vice Chairman of the Budget Committee. At the City of Scarborough he served as Acting Mayor, and was a member of virtually every standing committee. In September 1999 he was elected City of Toronto Councillor, obtaining almost 50 per cent of the votes cast. Councillor Soknacki was acclaimed to office in the November 2000 municipal election and elected in the November 2003 municipal election with over 80 per cent of the votes cast. Having served three terms, Councillor Soknacki decided not to run in the November 2006 municipal election.

At Council he has brought forward a number of initiatives including those which enhance the ability of Toronto to create jobs, updated legislation and improved returns for the City's largest environmental agency, and created the position of Poet Laureate. He successfully advocated the establishment of a new police division, bringing improved services to eastern Scarborough. Locally Councillor Soknacki worked to revitalize the Guild Inn, a project which will provide benefits for nearby residents, the artistic community and taxpayers.

David Soknacki's goals in public life was to ensure efficient, effective local government while enhancing the quality of life. A Scarborough resident since 1963, he attended local primary and secondary schools, and graduated from the Universities of Toronto and Western Ontario.