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Birdblind at East Point Park

Recently Completed Projects

East Point Park - Main Pavilion

East Point Park Bird Sanctuary Construction

East Point Park has been designated a Toronto Bird Sanctuary as part of the Toronto Bird Flyways and Sanctuaries Project due to the large numbers of migratory birds that use the park as a migratory stopover site.


Colonel Samuel Smith Park Wetland Lookout

City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation has prepared an improved design for a more durable lookout structure, which will provide an enhanced viewing experience for park visitors, and is ultimately designed as an outdoor classroom.

Don Valley Brick Works

Don Valley Brick Works Park Patio Reconstruction

The City of Toronto undertook the restoration and revitalization of the patio area at Don Valley Brick Works Park from November 2015 - June 2016. This work addressed drainage issues and uneven paving throughout the interlocking brick areas at the south end of the park.