Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan

Facilities Master Plan Update April 2016

Update 5 | April 2016

The project is progressing according to schedule   

Development of the Facilities Master Plan (FMP) involves six phases, with consultation throughout. We are currently gathering and analysing data to conduct the needs assessment and gap analysis.

Facilities Master Plan schedule showing 6 phases extending until spring 2017. Currently the project is in phase 2: Needs assessment and gap analysis

The first phase of consultation is complete

Consultation to date has focused on gathering information about parks and recreation facility gaps, needs and priorities. We heard from approximately:

  • 3,000 residents through an online survey
  • 140 residents including representatives from 45 community, sport and other groups, at four town hall meetings
  • 145 residents including representatives from 74 organizations, at six stakeholder focus groups for in-depth discussion on and with youth, seniors, people with disabilities, facility users and permit holders, equity-seeking groups, and partners, sponsors and funders.
  • 270 residents and groups through email, meetings and our online feedback form
  • 340 Parks, Forestry and Recreation staff through a staff survey and workshops, plus many more through presentations and meetings.
  • 16 City Councillors through interviews, with more interviews scheduled in the coming weeks

This input together with data on the distribution, condition and use of existing facilities, demographic information, recreation trends and other providers, will inform development of the FMP recommendations.

Consultation summaries will be posted on the FMP website in May 2016. 

The second phase of consultation will launch in fall 2016

Upcoming consultation will focus on getting feedback on the FMP's proposed directions and recommendations. This phase will include an online public survey along with additional consultation activities. Our goal is to continue to engage as many people as possible and to ensure that we get feedback from a wide range of people and groups that represent Toronto's diverse communities. Details will be provided in future FMP updates and on the FMP website.

Use our online feedback form to provide feedback at any time

Anyone can provide feedback at any time using the "Share Your Thoughts" online feedback form on the FMP website. By responding to four broad questions, individuals and groups can provide input on parks and recreation facilities. This feedback will be factored into development of the FMP on an ongoing basis.