Eligibility criteria and application process for restaurant participation in the Summerlicious and Winterlicious prix fixe promotions:

  • Restaurants interested in applying to participate in the Winterlicious and Summerlicious programs should review the eligibility criteria and application & review process, and submit an Application Form.
  • Restaurants must first submit an application form to become eligible to participate in the Winterlicious and Summerlicious RSVP process, regardless of review history.
  • Restaurants must review and meet all eligibility criteria and possess a Public Health Dine Safe Green Pass before submitting an application form.
  • Restaurants with multiple locations of the same name and menu may apply to participate with one location only.
  • Eligibility to participate will be determined by comparing the average price of a three-course meal on a restaurant’s regular menu with the minimum requirements for each price point category established for the Winterlicious / Summerlicious programs.
  • All applications will be reviewed by the Winterlicious / Summerlicious Advisory Board to determine if the applicant meets the eligibility criteria and the applicant's price point category for participation. 
  • Once a restaurant has been deemed eligible to participate, they will be notified to register (RSVP) for Winterlicious and Summerlicious participation on pre-established registration dates.
  • Eligible restaurants that register (RSVP) and are accepted into the programs will receive confirmation in the form on an official Participation Agreement.

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ExpandEligibility Criteria

Eligible participants must:

  • be an existing, full-service restaurant
  • be located in the city of Toronto
  • possess a current Dine Safe Green Pass issued by Toronto Public Health
  • demonstrate that the average price of a 3-course meal on the restaurant’s regular lunch and/or dinner menu meets the minimum requirements as outlined in the following table:

Winterlicious / Summerlicious

Price Point Categories

Mininum Requirements for
Regular Menu Average Price Point (3-course meal)


$18 Lunch / $28 Dinner $22 Lunch / $34 Dinner
$23 Lunch / $38 Dinner $28 Lunch / $46 Dinner
$28 Lunch / $48 Dinner $34 Lunch / $58 Dinner
  • complete the Winterlicious / Summerlicious Application Form (below)



Restaurants with multiple locations:

Restaurants with multiple locations of the same name and menu (chain) are eligible to apply for consideration to participate with one location only.

Application Form:

Winterlicious / Summerlicious Application Form (Word doc)


Winterlicious / Summerlicious Application Form (PDF)

ExpandApplication Process

An Application Form must be submitted once every three years. If a restaurant changes name, location, ownership, existing type of cuisine (e.g. from Italian to Asian), or fails to meet the eligibility criteria, a new application form must be submitted.

Application process:

2018 Application Deadlines:

Winterlicious 2018:
August 9, 2017
Summerlicious 2018:
February 16, 2018

Application steps:

  1. Download or print the Application Form
  2. Complete the Application Form.
  3. Submit the application for review by the Winterlicious / Summerlicious Advisory Board via: 
E-mail (preferred method)


*In email subject line add the Restaurant Name and “Winterlicious/Summerlicious Application”



*On the fax cover sheet subject line add the Restaurant Name and “Winterlicious/Summerlicious Application”

Mail Eirine Papaioannou
Event Support Supervisor, Partnerships
Cultural Services - Special Events
City of Toronto
100 Queen St W, 9th Floor, East Tower
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

Review process:

  • The Advisory Board will review all applications to ensure applicant meets Eligibility Criteria.
  • The Advisory Board will determine the final notification list of restaurants and determine their participation price point category (based on minimum requirements for average price point of a 3-course meal from the restaurant’s regular menu).
  • The Advisory Board will issue notification letters to:
    • applicants that meet Eligibility Criteria.
    • applicants that do not meet Eligibility Criteria.
  • Notification letters to eligible applicants will provide information on the registration process and promotion requirements and terms and conditions.

Timeline for first-time applicants:

Consideration For: Winterlicious 2018 Summerlicious 2018
Application Submissions Due By Aug 9, 2017 By Feb 16, 2018
Confirmation of Receipt of Application  autoreply to email submission or
within 10 business days
autoreply to email submission or
within 10 business days
Notification Letters
Mailed to Eligible Participants
Early September March/April
Registration to secure a spot September April
Confirmation of Participation Within 10 business days of registration Within 10 business days of registration
timeline may be subject to change

ExpandRegistration Process

Restaurants which have been deemed eligible to participate through the application submission process will receive a notification letter to register for participation in the Winterlicious and Summerlicious promotions on pre-established registration dates.

Registration Dates for 2018 are as follows:

Winterlicious 2018:
September 2017
Summerlicious 2018:
April  2018

Eligible restaurants must register to secure a spot in the promotion. Past participation does not guarantee participation in future promotions.

Restaurants that successfully secure a spot must pay a fee and sign an agreement guaranteeing they will adhere to all Winterlicious / Summerlicious Requirements, Terms and Conditions.

ExpandAdvisory Board

The Winterlicious / Summerlicious Advisory Board will review all Application Forms for consideration to participate in Winterlicious / Summerlicious, determine price point categories, determine final notification lists and issue notification letters.

The Advisory Board will also provide advice and support to ensure the continuing success and sustainability of the City of Toronto’s bi-annual restaurant program, Winterlicious and Summerlicious.

The Advisory Board is made up of representatives from Toronto’s restaurant industry; culinary schools; and associations.