Social Development

SDFA Customer Service Standards

The City of Toronto is committed to providing services that are relevant, high-quality, well-coordinated, easy to access and timely. The Social Development, Finance and Administration Division has developed customer service standards for achieving a high quality customer service experience. We value the residents and all community partners we work with and recognize their uniqueness and strengths.

Divisional Profile

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Routine Disclosure of Information

The Routine Disclosure Plan for Social Development, FInance and Administration Division provides an overview of the type of information that is regularly available to the public without a FOI request.


Meet our Directors

Meet our Social Development, Finance and Administration (SDFA) senior management team. Each of the four members has a short biography along with an image.

SDFA Strategies

TO Prosperity: Toronto Poverty Reduction Strategy

Unanimously approved by City Council on November 3, 2015, TO Prosperity draws on the experiences and ideas of hundreds of Toronto residents from all parts of the city, and sets a bold vision to build a city with opportunities for all.


Toronto Youth Equity Strategy

The Toronto Youth Equity Strategy and the Inner Perspective video were developed with contributions from Toronto youth. These creative works are intended to help readers understand the experiences of Toronto youth most vulnerable to involvement in violence and crime.  The Toronto Youth Equity Strategy identified 28 key issues that the Strategy must address. 


Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020

TSNS 2020 supports healthy communities across Toronto by partnering with residents, businesses and agencies to invest in people, services, programs and facilities in specific neighbourhoods. This will strengthen the social, economic and physical conditions and deliver local impact for city-wide change.


Social Development Strategy

As the social component of the City's Strategic Plan, the Social Development Strategy is part of Toronto's plan for the future. It proposes a set of specific strategic directions to guide the city's course in providing social programs and services and strengthening communities.

The Social Development Strategy was approved by Toronto City Council on December 4, 2001 following a public consultation which was directed by a steering committee composed of city councillors and community representatives.


Toronto Seniors Strategy: Towards an Age-Friendly City

The City of Toronto embeds the values of respect, dignity, diversity, independence and equity for older residents in all its policies, programs and services. It is important to help Toronto remain a safe, navigable, affordable, accessible and enjoyable city for everyone.


Newcomer Strategy

Toronto has a comprehensive set of resources in place to help newcomers settle and integrate. The Toronto Newcomer Strategy is designed to improve newcomer settlement through shared leadership, stronger collaboration and a more seamless and well-coordinated service system.

Download the Toronto Newcomer Strategy report (PDF).


End Trafficking TO

Building action and awareness against human trafficking in the City of Toronto.