How can we help your organization?

We have access to a large pool of youth from across the city, who are ready to work and eager to gain experience. Our employment specialists are trained and committed to working directly with you to understand your organization’s needs and then select youth with the skills that fit.

We work with your organization to:

  • Provide free employment assistance. Think of us as your own Human Resources
  • Screen and match enthusiastic and knowledgeable young people to your job openings
  • Offer pre-employment and on-going support
  • Offer employer and potential employee support on a confidential, individual basis
  • Prepare potential employees for a new work challenge
  • Arrange free job fairs when a organization has multiple job postings
  • Arrange wage subsidies (where available)
  • Guide and support you with your apprenticeship opportunities
  • Assist you to train today’s youth to meet your future workforce needs
  • Provide free posting of your job opportunities on our electronic job board
  • Ensure a future workforce for your organization

Our success lies in matching skills and abilities with employers’ needs.

We work closely with young people, to assess their strengths and skills and to provide the guidance and support they need to succeed at their jobs. When the youth within our network show up for work, they’re ready to start contributing to your company.

YEP member locations and contact info - download our mini-tool kit as a PDF.

YEP network map

Our map is your guide to agency locations across the city.




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