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Using the Archives

You can use the materials in the Archives, but you won’t always be able to find things on the shelves by yourself. But don’t worry—our staff are here to assist you. It’s their job to help you find what you are looking for.

Using the Archives

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Research Hall rules

To ensure the continued accessibility and preservation of the city's archival records, the Archives ask that you adhere to the following rules.

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Saturdays at the Archives

The Archives is open on Saturdays from October 12 until April 29. Box requests cannot be processed on Saturdays, so order any boxes that you will need no later than noon on Friday.

Research by topic

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Black history in Toronto

February is Black History month.  Toronto has had a black population from its earliest days as a settlement. Find out what resources the Archives has to learn more.

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Toronto history FAQs

Information about some popular topics in Toronto's history that the Archives is often asked about.