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Outdoor Oven Permit

Are you interested in baking food items like pizzas, breads, or pies in the park? Events at outdoor ovens are a great way for families and neighbours to gather together, share ideas, learn new skills and have fun.

Who can book an outdoor oven?

Outdoor ovens can be reserved by groups that want to host an event or program and also by interested individuals for their own use. Outdoor ovens can be used as part of a "public" event or for a private gathering.

  • Submission of a completed Application to Use an Outdoor Oven in a City Park. Note: For events open to the general public, applications must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the event date to allow for processing by Parks, Forestry and Recreation and Toronto Public Health.
  • Applicants must have general liability insurance naming the "City of Toronto" as an additional insured, with a minimum of $2,000,000.00(two million dollars) coverage. If the applicant does not have this insurance, they may be able to purchase coverage through the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Customer Service Unit.
  • The applicant or at least one member of the group who will be in attendance during the event must be trained on the proper use of an outdoor oven. Applicants can meet this requirement by reading the Outdoor Oven in a City Park Training Guide. Or, if an applicant does not want to operate the oven at their event, they may hire staff at their own cost to operate the oven.
  • Where food will be served and/or sold to members of the public, the applicant must meet all safe food preparation and handling requirements set out by Toronto Public Health.
  • Applicants must contact the local site supervisor to review any requirements for their event, including what tools, if any are available, if staff need to be hired, amount of fire wood needed, etc.
  • Payment in full

Permit Information

Permit Season:

All year; 8:00 am to 10:00 pm


Outdoor event permit rates are based on whether your event is private ("closed" to the public) or open to the public, providing a benefit to the community. *Standard insurance requirements apply and are charged separately.

Christie Pits Park: 416-392-0042
Edithvale Park: 416-395-6164
Riverdale Farm: 416-392-8689 (Note: Staff are required to operate the oven at this site at all events.)