Programs to Start Cycling

What is a BUG?

What is a BUG?

A Bicycle User Group, or BUG, is group of a people in a workplace, a school, a community, or a neighbourhood, who come together to improve conditions for commuter cycling, or to enjoy cycling together. It can be as formal or as informal as desired. Some BUGs have constitutions, by-laws, and elected officials, and some just keep in touch over e-mail lists and message boards. Each BUG grows out of its own environment and develops differently.

What do BUG members do?

BUG activities are based on the interests of its members. Here are just some of the activities that Toronto BUGs are involved in:

  • Encouraging people to cycle
  • Posting notices and newspaper articles about cycling for others to read
  • Going on bicycle rides/tours
  • Ride Matching Programs - matches less experienced cyclists with veterans
  • Trying to get secure bicycle parking, change rooms/showers
  • Mileage for commuting and cycle journeys on work-related business
  • Neighbourhood bicycle planning initiatives
  • Organizing Bike Week events
  • Hosting cycling seminars on nutrition, cycling safety, bicycle repairs, and commuting tips
  • Recycling/repairing bicycles for others
  • Taking CAN BIKE courses to increase confidence and safety on the road.