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Clothing Drop-Box Locations

This dataset provides information on businesses that own permits for clothing drop boxes and the locations of the drop boxes.

The Clothing Drop Box By-law ensures that the public is aware of where used clothing donations are going, creates a registry of clothing box owners and deters litter and unsightly views for residents.

Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 395, Clothing Drop Boxes, requires that all clothing drop boxes placed on private or public property display a permit.

  • All clothing box operators require location permits for each box.
  • Only two drop boxes are allowed per address.
  • All clothing drop box operators, including charitable organizations, must display the permit sticker.

Data Fields Provided:

Permit No. - Number of Permit issued by City of Toronto

Operating Name - Name that company operates under

Permit Address Street No. - Client business address street number

Permit Address Street Name - Client business address street name

Permit Address Unit - Client business address unit

Permit Address City - Client business address city

Permit Address Postal Code - Client business address postal code

Permit Address Phone - Client business phone

Permit Issued - Date permit was issued

Permit Address Ward - Client business address ward

Permit Category - Type of permit

Comments about this data:

-This Data set provides total number of drop box permits and locations as of November 2, 2016  

-Current, historical and more detailed data fields on clothing drop boxes can be found in the "Municipal Licensing and Standards – Business Licences and Permits"; filter for "Clothing Drop Box Location Permit", licence number will start with "P90"

-Each clothing drop box operator must also hold a Clothing Drop Box Operator business licence. This data can be found in the "Municipal Licensing and Standards – Business Licences and Permits"; filter for "Clothing Drop Box Operator, licence number will start with "B90". As per the bylaw, registered non-for-profit or charitable organizations are not required to hold a business licence.

-Investigation activity (such as complaints or service requests related to clothing drop boxes and collected through 311) is not available in this data set; this information is also not available in the "Municipal Licensing and Standards – Investigation Activity" and the "311 Service Requests" data sets

For more information on Municipal Licensing and Standards (MLS) activities and statistics please go to ML&S Data Sets.

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