Humber Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Humber is the city's second largest wastewater treatment plant. It is located along The Queensway in Toronto‚Äôs west end, near the mouth of the Humber River. 

The Humber works to treat "used" water that residents and businesses deposit down drains every day. Flushing toilets, taking a shower and running a washing machine, for example, produce wastewater. This water travels through the sanitary sewer system, a network of underground pipes, to treatment facilities.

Fast facts about the Humber

  • Began operating in 1960
  • Starting capacity for treating wastewater was 227,000 cubic metres
  • Current capacity is 473,000 cubic metres
  • Serves a population of approximately 651,000 (Etobicoke, York, portion of the west end of North York, and Toronto
  • Located on 45.3 hectares/112 acres in the west end
  • Operates 24/7

Major Projects

Odour Control

The goal of mitigating odours from the Humber Wastewater Treatment Plant is getting closer with several measures currently being implemented.