Fort York National Historic Site

Fort York National Historic Site

Participate in series of enticing community festivals and special events that welcome thousands each year! From the Historic Fort York to Mackenzie House to St. Lawrence Market Gallery, City museum and heritage sites showcase year-round engaging exhibitions and events.

ExpandNational Aboriginal Day & Indigenous Arts Festival - June 21 - 25, 2017

The Indigenous Arts Festival helps raise awareness and appreciation for the essential contributions Indigenous peoples made to the founding of Fort York, the defense of Upper Canada during the War of 1812, and to the ensuing 200 years of Canadian history and culture up to and including the present day. 

The Indigenous Arts Festival provides an important forum for the stories, cultural traditions and artistic creations of Indigenous people to be heard, seen and experienced within one of Canada's most significant historic sites, located in the heart of our country's largest metropolitan centre.

Location: Fort York National Historic Site
Estimated Attendance: 10,000

ExpandGatsby Garden Party - June 24 - 25, 2017

Gatsby Garden Party is a two-day revival event at Spadina House Museum with music, food and drinks from the 1920s. Guests, primarily millennials, participate in a costume contest, play croquet, explore Spadina House Museum, and take dance lessons. This popular event for over 2,000 people sells out quickly each year.

Location: Spadina Museum
Estimate Attendance: close to 2,000

ExpandOn Common Ground - September 23 - 24, 2017

A family friendly festival of culture and community, On Common Ground energizes Fort York with an awesome mix of mobile music, site-specific dance, puppet theatre, multi-media installations, storytelling, and crafts.  

Location: Fort York
Estimate Attendance: 10,000

ExpandYouth Programs - September to June

Montgomery's Inn

The project strives to build community, to create leaders and mentors, and empower youth to engage in issues relating to nutrition and sustainability.  Youth in grades 7 to 12 take part in workshops learning to shop for fresh food at Farmers Market, make pizza in an outdoor brick bake oven and roasting chickens over an open fire.

Scarborough Museum

Beginning with youth volunteers assisting at the museum's day camps, the project grew as the overwhelming need for free, positive, and creative community space in the Scarborough area became apparent.  Youth gain their 40 hours of mandatory volunteer service while taking part historical activities at the museum.

ExpandFood Programs

The Food Programs offers an exciting hands-on experience of cooking, historic food preparation and workshops for adults, children and youth.  These are designed to educate on the importance of local and fresh food and the importance of healthy eating.  Through innovative food programs, museum staff provide families with an opportunity to learn about historic cooking and recipes in a traditional setting.