Major Capital Infrastructure Coordination

ExpandWhat is T.O. INview?

T.O. INview (short for INfrastructure viewer) is a map-based tool that provides information about planned capital construction activities taking place in the city this year.

ExpandWhy was T.O. INview created?

T.O. INview was developed to provide a picture of construction work that is planned in neighbourhoods across the city to improve construction coordination and communication.

ExpandHow does it work?

Users can turn on different layers of information, for example all streets that will be repaved or streets that will be impacted by the construction.

ExpandIs all construction work included on the map?

No. Planned capital construction work for 2017 is included in the map. However, emergency road work is not included because this type of work occurs quickly and unexpectedly. It would not be prudent to place this information on the map since often the work would be completed prior to the information being posted to the map. The site shows planned capital work, but not emergency or short term work. To find this information about emergency or short-term work, visit the City's Road Restrictions website.

ExpandWhat does reference to proposed mean?

The budget approval for 2019 planned programs will occur during November 2018 and January 2019. The proposed programs displayed in T.O. INview 2019 may be revised subject to Council approval.