Urban Forestry Jobs

Urban Forestry Jobs

3 panel image; male forestry worker measuring a large diameter tree, female forestry worker planting sapling, female forestry worker speaking to students

What is Toronto's urban forest?

Toronto's urban forest includes all trees, vegetation and habitat within the city's boundaries.   This includes trees along city streets, trees in parks, ravine and natural areas, and trees on private property.  It is a shared resource that benefits the entire community.

How big is Toronto's urban forest?

Toronto is the fifth largest municipality in North America with a population of 2.6 million people.   The extensive ravine and green space system within Toronto sets it apart from other North American cities of similar size.   There is an estimated 17,000 to 18,000 hectares of urban forest in Toronto, that includes approximately 10.2 million trees.

What does the Urban Forestry branch do?

Urban Forestry is responsible for the protection, maintenance, expansion and planning of Toronto's urban forest.   Urban Forestry is guided by the City Council approved Strategic Forest Management Plan, which sets out goals and an action plan from 2012-2022.

Do you have the skills and interests needed to join the Urban Forestry branch?

Urban Forestry staff are interested in environmental and natural resources, have a solid knowledge of trees and forests and enjoy being outdoors.   Typical skills and knowledge needed for the range of jobs with Urban Forestry may include:

  • Arboricultural knowledge, including tree identification, dendrology, physiology and morphology.
  • Native plant knowledge including site selection, planting requirements and maintenance.
  • Detection and treatment of tree diseases, pests and tree health care.
  • Experience with tools and practices needed for pruning, removal, planting and maintenance of trees and shrubs.
  • Ability to work independently, with a team and with the public.


Current and On-going Opportunities

Urban Forestry has job opportunities employing a range of technical and general skills.   Check out the current job postings and on-going employment opportunities to see what's available.