The City is committed to transparency and accountability, and provides staff with expertise to speak to an array of issues during regular business hours. Media should clearly identify what they require assistance with, their contact information and deadline, at the time they request information.

ExpandMedia Relations and Issues Management

Manager, Media Relations and Issues Management

Wynna Brown

Senior Communications Advisors

Deborah Blackstone

Paula Chung

Andrea Gonsalves

Erin McGuey 

Salim Rachid 

Jennifer Wing
416-397 5313,

ExpandCity Planning

Bruce Hawkins

  • Planning applications and related issues
  • Major planning initiatives (new bylaws)
  • Heritage Preservation and Archaeology
  • Toronto Urban Design Awards
  • Planning conferences, events, speakers, symposiums

ExpandEnvironment and Energy Office

Valerie Cassells

  • Extreme Weather portal
  • TransformTO and TalkTransformation
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Resilient City Initiative
  • City's Environmental Report Card
  • Live Green Toronto program including Live Green Card, Live Green Toronto Awards, Live Green Toronto Festival, Live Green Toronto Volunteers and The Local Dish
  • Eco-Roof Incentive Program
  • Smart Commute Toronto-Central
  • Residential Energy and Water Efficiency Retrofit program (HELP Program) for houses
  • Urban agriculture/local food

ExpandMunicipal Licensing and Standards

Tammy Robbinson
  • Apartment building audits
  • Taxi Review
  • Licensing (taxis, mobile businesses and business licensing)
  • Permits (right of way for vending & cafes, temporary signs)
  • Enforcement of bylaws (illegal dumping, property standards) and permit conditions
  • Graffiti vandalism enforcement
  • Toronto Animal Services

ExpandSolid Waste Management

Tamara Staranchuk

  • Waste disposal (e.g. landfill)
  • Organics (processing facilities, yard waste)
  • Curbside recycling, organics, garbage
  • Electronics recycling
  • In-store packaging reduction (plastic bag bylaw, etc.)
  • Charities rate and waste reduction
  • Solid Waste budget/user fees
  • Contracting out

Siobhan Ramsay

  • Multi-residential recycling, organics, garbage, electronics
  • Rigid plastics addition to recycling
  • Waste Wizard (online search tool)
  • Household Hazardous Waste
  • Reuse Centres (durable goods)
  • Contracting out

ExpandStrategic Communications

Jackie DeSouza, Director

Wynna Brown, Manager, Media Relations and Issues Management

John Bugailiskis, Manager, Cluster A (City divisions reporting to Deputy City Manager Guiliana Carbone)

Nicole Dufort, Manager, Cluster B (City divisions reporting to Deputy City Manager John Livey)

Beth Waldman, Manager, Corporate Communications

Francine Antonio Forte, Manager, Digital Communications

ExpandToronto Building

Bruce Hawkins

  • Sign Bylaw Project
  • Implementation of the Zoning Bylaw
  • Enforcement of the Ontario Building Code
  • Building permits and inspections issues
  • Toronto Building events, promotions, and home shows
  • Construction incidents (accidents, cranes, falling pieces)

ExpandToronto Water

Kazia Fraser


  • Water Meter Program

  • Industrial/Commercial/Institutional (ICI) programs (Industrial Water Rate, Capacity Buy Back, Sewer Surcharge, Backflow Prevention)

  • Service delivery and response, including emergency repairs (water/sewermain breaks), preventative maintenance and service communications (frozen pipes, blocked drains, fire hydrants)

  • Capital construction (water/sewermain upgrades, stormwater pond management)

  • Customer Service 

Kris Scheuer


  • Water Treatment and Supply (drinking water quality, low water pressure/no water, water treatment plants)

  • Lead issue, incl. Corrosion Control, lead testing, coordination with TPH, Priority and Capital Lead Water Service Replacement Programs, Faucet Filter Rebate Program

  • Community Outreach, incl. water efficiency (residential), HTO To Go water trailer program and other events/exhibits

  • Capital/Operating budget/water rate

Ellen Leesti


  • Stormwater management (Wet Weather Flow Master Plan, Don & Central Waterfront)

  • Basement flooding (Basement Flooding Protection and Subsidy Programs, Mandatory Downspout Disconnection)

  • Wastewater Treatment (wastewater treatment plants, biosolids)

  • Environmental Monitoring and Protection (Sewers Bylaw, Water Supply Bylaw, cross connections, pools)


ExpandTransportation Services

Cheryl San Juan

  • Winter operations (snow issues)
  • Road operations (potholes, construction, etc.)
  • Safety (red light running, pedestrian safety, etc.)
  • Cycling, bike lanes
  • Public Realm (street furniture, street art [graffiti art] Walking Strategy)
  • Capital budget
  • Transportation initiatives and long-term planning
  • Parking permit