Partnership to Advance Youth Employment (PAYE)


Naoki's PAYE Story

After moving to the biggest city in Canada from Japan and getting laid off from his job, Naoki had minimal savings and needed a job.

"The last time I went to a job interview was over 4 years ago. I had no clue about the Canadian job market and no business networks. I was probably at the lowest point in my life."

Naoki kept a positive attitude and didn't let this stop him from continuing to look for opportunities. One day after visiting the Employment Centre at Metro Hall, information about the PAYE program caught his attention. Luckily, the deadline to apply for PAYE was that same day so he signed up in a heartbeat.

"From the day I signed up for PAYE, my life shifted into a positive spiral. The two month program was exactly what I needed to ramp myself back up into the corporate world. Workshops tailored for professionals seeking careers, resume brush ups, mock interviews and networking with job seekers and employers."

Naoki had a great coach who helped him get back on his feet. He was ready for the corporate world, stronger and more confident than before. After PAYE, Naoki kept in touch with his PAYE coach, who in turn continued to refer him to suitable workshops and seminars.

In December 2014, he attended a LinkedIn workshop to further expand his knowledge of the job market and to network. There, he learned tips on how to use LinkedIn job search engines and the concept of social networking for professionals. Using all of the skills and knowledge that he learned through PAYE, he continued looking for opportunities and reaching out to employers.

Exactly a week after the LinkedIn workshop, he was offered his dream job as a Business Development Manager for a mobile handset application service provider in Toronto. This position matched up perfectly with his skills and experience.

"All my appreciation goes to the coaches and candidates at PAYE who have helped me get through the most challenging time of my life in a foreign country when I was alone and had no one to depend on. PAYE opened my eyes to looking for work in Canada. To all job seekers, stay positive, keep your head up and never give up!"


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