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Find details of current development applications, including project status, meeting and public consultation dates, planner contact information and more.  Minor Variance and Consent application details are also available within this search. 

Frequently Asked Questions

ExpandHow to search for development applications

There are several options you can select to search for Planning Applications. The options you select will determine the results.

For example, if you fill in all five search boxes the search result will yield one application. If you select a Ward or District the result could yield hundreds of applications. Not all boxes need to be filled in order to generate results.

Filling in the Search Boxes

When you click on the map, you are selecting a Ward which will appear in the Ward box below the map. The District in which the Ward is located will be filled into the District box automatically. You can also select the Ward or District from the drop-down boxes.

There are 4 boxes for the address and not all need to be filled to search for applications. The street number is typed into the first box. The name of the street is typed into the second box. The street type can be selected from a drop-down box. The street direction (north, south, east and west) can be selected from the drop-down box.

Application number
There are 5 boxes for the application number. Only the year and sequence number (first and second boxes) need to be filled to generate a result. The last 2 digits of the year are typed into the first box. For example, the year 2008 would be entered as 08. The 6-digit sequence number is typed into the second box. This number helps to distinguish one application from others received that year.

The District is typed into the third box. You need to enter only 3 letters as follows:

City Planning Districts

WET = Etobicoke York  |  NNY = North York  |  ESC = Scarborough  |  STE = Toronto & East York

Toronto district map

The 2-digit Ward number is typed into the fourth box. For example, Ward 8 would be entered as 08. Select application type from the drop-down box.

Date Range

The default date range to search for applications is from January 1, 2006 to today. You can change the date range to any date from January 1, 2006

ExpandCan I search by application type?

Go to the last box for Application # and the drop-down menu provides a list of application types. The table below provides the application types that correspond to the codes used in the drop-down menu.

Application Type Table

Drop-down Menu

Application Type


Official Plan Amendment and/or Zoning By-law Amendment


Site Plan Control


Plan of Condominium


Plan of Subdivision


Part Lot Control Exemption