Environmental Monitoring & Protection

Environmental Monitoring & Protection Brochures

Pollution Prevention Planning

Grease Traps for Child Care Centres

Grease Traps for Restaurant Owners

Proper Disposal of Wastewater for All Mobile Food Vendors

Fat, Oil and Grease, residential information (multilingual)

Catch Basins are for Rainwater and Melted Snow Only

Keeping Construction Debris Out of the Storm Sewer

Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas (residential)

Proper Discharge of Commercial Pools/Hot Tubs

Washing Wisely: what you need to know when washing your car

Fire Hydrant Usage


Best management practice booklets and an environmental code of practice aim to assist owners/operators of automotive and autobody service stations, vehicle washes, petroleum facilities, photo finishing operations, and food service establishments.

Automotive and Autobody Repair, Car Wash and Petroleum Facilities

Photo Finishing Operations

Food Service Establishment Environmental Code of Practice