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Pet Licensing

Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 349, requires that all dogs and cats owned in Toronto be licensed and wearing a tag. By licensing your dog or cat, Animal Services will make every effort to reunite you with your pet. 

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ExpandUpdate your account information online

Pet owners can now update their contact or pet information online.

ePet Owner Profile Update

Need help finding your Person ID?

You can find this number on your Pet Licence Renewal Notice in this format  "P010101" or by calling us at (416) 338-7387.

Figure 1 - Where to find your Person ID on your Animal Services invoice

Figure showing how to find personal id on page, top left corner



ExpandWhere does the money from pet licensing go?

100% of your pet licensing fees go directly to help the more than 6,000 cats and dogs coming into our shelters every year.

Licensing fees support:

  • food, shelter and sterilizing of animals in our care
  • 24/7 emergency animal rescue services
  • returning lost pets to their homes
  • veterinary services to animals in our care
  • rescuing sick, injured and/or distressed domestic animals & wildlife
  • spay/neuter programs
  • adopting homeless pets to new families
  • investigating animal care issues
  • keeping neighbourhoods safe for people and pets


ExpandWhy license? Protect your pet!

Why license? Protect your pet!

  • pet licences assist in the fast and safe return of your pet if it gets lost
  • a licence is immediately visible to anyone who finds your pet and shows that your pet belongs to someone
  • pet is returned home faster and/or spends less time in the shelter 
  • if your pet is lost or involved in an emergency situation, the licence provides the information staff needs to contact you so that you can make vital decisions regarding the care of your pet

How to license your dog or cat

Dog with paws on laptop

Online pet licensing

Residents who qualify for waived or reduced fees (income of less than $50,000) must license their pet by phone or in person.

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