Partnership to Advance Youth Employment (PAYE)

PAYE Success Stories

Take a look at more stories of youth who have had success with PAYE:


Beatrice was a recent graduate with little to no work experience in her field of study. She job searched for over a year while she volunteered with a non-profit organization to gain experience and to network. After applying to one employer after another with no response, she knew it was time to get help.


Through PAYE, Dina participated in one-on-one coaching, employment preparation workshops and other PAYE events with employers; this led her to secure a temporary position at Deloitte.


Elza's start in Canada was not easy; as a newcomer, employment opportunities were scarce. Elza credits her success and confidence to the PAYE program and feels thankful to be working for an organization that took a chance on her.


Through PAYE, Gareh was connected with the SEEDS initiative as part of the Toronto Pan Am/Parapan Am Games (TO2015). Gareh says, "My experience with PAYE has been a blessing and a life changer."


"From the day I signed up for PAYE, my life shifted into a positive spiral. The two month program was exactly what I needed to ramp myself back up into the corporate world."


"Without a doubt, where I am now and where I hope to be in the future can all be directly traced back to the personalized support of the PAYE program which taught me the skills and confidence I needed to break into the professional world."


"PAYE gave me hope, a new outlook and an avenue for my job search activities to secure stable employment. The atmosphere made me hopeful that I would land a job soon, and I did."


Through PAYE, Nutan was provided with personalized supports and connections to employer interviews. After attending PAYE workshops to improve her resumé and get the coaching she needed to prepare for job interviews, Nutan was ready to make a good impression.


Onik wasn't sure how this program could help him but after attending a few PAYE sessions, he quickly realized that he was in good hands.


PAYE helped Oscar get his first job in Canada and he is thankful for this opportunity to get a foot in the door.


Paul was a newcomer to Canada working two jobs in unrelated fields to support himself but never stopped pursuing the career of his dreams.


PAYE helped expand Zachary's job search and connected him to his current employer.

If you feel inspired by these success stories and would like to connect with PAYE to find out more about how we can help, please contact PAYE at or 416-397-JOBS (5627).