Urban Design

Toronto Archaeological Potential Map

The Toronto Archaeological Potential Map allows viewers to determine where areas of potential archaeological interest are located throughout the city. 

To use the map, follow the instructions below. Should you require additional assistance, please contact Heritage Preservation Services at 416-392-1975. 


1. Click here to open the map. The map will open in a new window.

2. In the search bar above the map, type in the address you are searching for. 

3. The map will be centred on this address. To the right of the map is the Legend. Within the Legend, click on the + sign beside Administrative Boundaries. This will expand the list.

4. Click on the box beside Archaeological Potential. This box should now have a check mark.

5. Above the Legend, click on Map It. This will display the areas of archaeological potential with purple lines.

To learn about the toolbar options above the map, click here or click on the question mark above the Map. 


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