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Former City Councillor Sandra Bussin

Ward 32 Beaches-East York

Former City Councillor Sandra BussinDescribed as "the unstoppable Sandra Bussin" by Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy, Councillor Sandra Bussin was passionate about providing excellent community service. Elected in 1997 to the first Council of the newly amalgamated City of Toronto, Sandra served four terms as City Councillor for Ward 32, Beaches-East York. Councillor Bussin also served as Speaker of Toronto City Council. A former educator and public School Trustee, Sandra has a long record of public service, including 15 years as a senior political advisor at the Provincial Legislature.

Speaker Bussin was past Chair of the Roundtable for a Clean and Beautiful City, which promoted Toronto's beautification and promotion of citizen engagement to achieve community improvements. Sandra Bussin was a Toronto Transit Commissioner and a member of the Corporations Nominating Panel.

Councillor Bussin represented the Beaches neighbourhood: a part of Toronto with a genuinely "small town atmosphere". People from all over the city and beyond come to enjoy the Boardwalk, Woodbine Park, Kew Gardens, the festive shops and caf├ęs on Queen Street East, and the traditional tree-lined residential streets. The residents of the Beach are very involved in community life. Sandra joined her constituents in leading committees and community projects.

Initiatives in Councillor Bussin's ward included the closing of six incinerators in Ashbridges Bay and a $2.2 million renovation and extension of the Beaches Library. In addition, $12 million was approved to build the new Main Square Recreation Centre and $750,000 for the new addition at Kimberley Public School. Councillor Bussin acquired the Kew Williams (Gardener's) Cottage for community use and had secured $11 million for the landscape and active sport field plan in the Ashbridges Bay area of Ward 32.