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Information for teachers and students at the Archives

For teachers and students

The City of Toronto Archives offers curriculum-based programs for elementary and high school groups, tours for college and university students, programs for ESL students and guided visits for all other interested groups, both at the Archives and City Hall. All programs are free.


Map showing Toronto as a small town, and the Island as a peninsula.

Grade 3

Come to the Archives for some hands-on history! This City of Toronto Archives maps-based program addresses two Grade 3 units, Communities in Canada, 1780 – 1850, and Living and Working in Ontario.


Grade 8

Come to the City of Toronto Archives and explore Toronto's engagement with public health issues since the founding of the Department of Public Health in 1883.  This program addresses units in the Grade 8 History and Healthy Living curricula.

High school

Girl standing outside of slum house, with Old City Hall in background.

Grade 9 and 10

Come to the City of Toronto Archives and study the changes in one Toronto neighbourhood over the last 120 years.

Man wearing military uniform and holding cane.

Grade 11 and 12

Come to the City of Toronto Archives and, through personal letters and other primary sources, explore the experiences of a Toronto family during the First World War.

For English literature students

Architectural finishing of Bloor Street Viaduct.

Michael Ondaatje's 'In the Skin of a Lion'

Michael Ondaatje's novel, In the Skin of a Lion, is one of the few mainstream books that examines aspects of the working-class immigrant experience in Toronto in the early 20th century. Come to the City of Toronto Archives to explore some of the actual archival documents used by the author for his work.

Three-storey stores with glass storefronts on a muddy street.

Michael Redhill's 'Consolation'

Michael Redhill’s novel Consolation is an intriguing tale of Toronto told through two narratives, parallel but separated by a century and a half. Examine maps, photographs and other archival records used by the author in the development of his story.


Group of university dons in full robes

University programs

A tour of the City of Toronto Archives is a useful introduction for undergraduates or postgraduates of any discipline to the world of archival research.

ESL students

Chinese man writing on a blackboard in Chinese characters and English.

ESL programming at the Archives

Bring your ESL class to the City of Toronto Archives, learn about the history of Toronto and its people, and help your students put into practice their listening and conversational skills!

City Hall

Hall of Memory in City Hall

Municipal Education Program

Archives' staff offer a 90 minute program at Toronto City Hall on the structure and services provided by the City of Toronto government.