Sign Permits and Inspections

The Toronto Sign Bylaw Unit is responsible for the issuance and inspection of sign permits and carries out proactive bylaw enforcement for permanent signs on private property. The unit is also responsible for the administration and annual collection of the Third Party Sign Tax (TPST).

Sign Bylaw Updates

The Sign Bylaw

About the Sign Bylaw

Learn about the City-wide Sign Bylaw, which contains one common, updated set of regulations for the entire City of Toronto.

Window Signs

Window signs are permitted under the current Sign By-Law and are exempt from permit requirements as long as they do not display copy electronically and/or cover more than 25% of the window area. Learn More.

Applying for a Sign Permit or Variance

Sign Permit Preliminary Project Review

A Sign Permit Preliminary Project Review is strongly recommended prior to applying for a sign variance. This will help to ensure that all necessary variances are included in the application. 

FASTRACK for Sign Permits

The Sign Unit offers an express permit review service for certain projects. Find out if your project is eligible and find information on what you need to bring to make a sign permit FASTRACK application.

Apply for a Sign Variance

Proposed signs which do not comply with the Sign Bylaw must be granted a variance from the standards of the Sign Bylaw. Learn how to apply for a sign variance.