Guide to Services for People Who Are Homeless

Guide to Services for People Who are Homeless

This directory lists services and resources that help people experiencing homelessness in Toronto. Services supporting tenants can be found in our Welcome Home guide. If the information you are looking for is not in either guide, please contact 311 for City services or 211 for community-based services.

Important note
While general information about service access and eligibility criteria is provided, some programs may have waiting lists, catchment areas or other criteria that may not be listed. Although all efforts are made to ensure accuracy, please call ahead to verify information.

If you have comments or questions about either of our guides please contact us at or 416-397-4328. Print copies of this publication are no longer available.

Need Help?


Crisis & Emergency

General Information & Referral

Extreme Cold Weather

Extreme/Extended Heat

Street Outreach

Aboriginal Housing & Services

Employment Resource Centres

Literacy and Basic Skills

Health & Wellness

Housing & Shelter

LGBTQ Supports

Legal & Financial

Sex Trade Workers

Community Connections

Seniors (link to Services for Seniors in Toronto)


Youth (link to Youth Services and Supports in Toronto)