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Beat the heat

Learn more about Heat Warnings and Extended Heat Warnings, and how you can stay cool and healthy this summer.


Report Student Immunization

Vaccines are required for kids to attend school in Ontario. Avoid suspension by updating your child's immunization record with Toronto Public Health.

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Mumps in Toronto

Mumps is circulating in young adults in Toronto. Check your vaccinations and make sure you have had two doses of mumps vaccine (MMR or MMRV). 


Avoid tick bites

Learn how to prevent tick bites to protect yourself from Lyme disease.

Be tick smart while enjoying the outdoors and find out where blacklegged ticks have been found.


Zika virus

The Public Health Agency of Canada has issued a travel health notice for Canadians traveling to areas where Zika virus is circulating. Learn more about who is at risk and the recommended precautions, including those for pregnant women.

In Your Language

Here you can find translated information about a wide range of health topics in your language.