Prenatal Programs

Welcome to Parenting

Online Program

Who can register for the online program?

The program is for you and your partner or support person who are:

  • expecting a baby
  • living in Toronto

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What does the program offer?

Welcome to Parenting is a free online prenatal program that provides expectant parents with the knowledge, skills and confidence to have a baby and prepare for parenthood.

Topics include:

  • having a healthy pregnancy
  • healthy eating during pregnancy
  • basic labour and birth
  • breastfeeding
  • becoming a parent

The program may also provide:

  • Experts in prenatal education, child development and parenting to answer your questions
  • Parent Zone to connect online with other families in Toronto
  • Dad's Corner

The Quick Tour provides an orientation to all areas of the site and highlights key topics covered in the Welcome to Parenting Class Series.