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Queen Street West Bicycle Parking Study

Toronto cyclists saw a 30% increase in bike parking infrastructure along Queen Street West, between Gladstone Avenue to Markham Street in 2013. The new infrastructure was installed by Transportation Services as part of a bicycle parking study conducted by Transportation's Cycling Infrastructure and Programs Unit.

The additions included bike stands, multi-bike racks, an on-street corral, and bike shelters which meet the City's Bike Parking Guidelines, but are different from the standard bicycle parking rings used throughout Toronto.

The Queen Street West bicycle parking study aims were:

  • to better meet demand for bike parking
  • to test new designs with public feedback
  • and to do so while making optimal use of the limited public space available.

The key lessons drawn from this study will inform bike parking expansions across the city.

Queen Street West Bicycle Parking Study Report

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Transportation Services contracted Ipsos Reid to develop and carry out survey research of end-user bike parking experience along Queen Street West. From October to November 2013, certified interviewers approached cyclists parking their bikes on Queen Street West and encouraged them to share their experiences in a 5-minute, anonymous survey.


Meanwhile, we have completed fielding our online survey, which was conducted to evaluate what Torontonians think of bike parking more generally across the city. The online survey findings are published in the study results section, below.



Study Results and Other Documents


 Documents from the study initiation.

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