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Former City Councillor Sylvia Watson

Ward 14 Parkdale-High Park

Former City Councillor Sylvia WatsonSylvia Watson was elected City Councillor in Ward 14 Parkdale-High Park in the November 2003 election on a platform of change. She was a proactive City Councillor dedicated to responding to the needs of the Parkdale-High Park community and ensuring that the area got its fair share of City resources. During her term as councillor, Sylvia believed that the three most important issues facing the ward and the city were: correcting the neglect in the community, ensuring sensible development, and building a community that people want for their children.

As a former Solicitor for the City of Toronto, Sylvia had over 14 years of experience at City Hall. Before being elected in 2003, she also served as the Director of the Parkdale Pilot Project, a unique program in the City of Toronto which improved affordable housing in Parkdale. The Parkdale Pilot Project has been lauded by many throughout the city for the significant contribution it made to the condition and liveability of small affordable housing units in Toronto.

As Councillor, Sylvia held senior positions on several City committees and agencies, including Chairing the Administration Committee, and serving as Vice-Chair of the Budget Advisory Committee.