Adopt a Pet

Animal Services Fees

Adoption Fees

bird (budgie, finch): $5

bird (cockatiel): $20

bird (small parrot): $50

bird (large parrot): $100

fish: $5

cat: $75

dog (male): $185

dog (female): $215

rabbit: $40

mammals: $40

rodent: $5


Bring your pet to Animal Services (alive or deceased):

cat: $32.78

dog: $54.63

litter of kittens: $20.00

small animal: $32.78

additional fee for non-resident: $50


Pet Licensing

dog - spayed or neutered: $25

dog - not spayed or neutered: $60

cat - spayed or neutered: $15

cat - not spayed or neutered: $50

replacement licence (for lost tags): $5

Special rates apply for seniors.


Spay and Neuter

Female cat spay: $79.10

Male cat neuter: $56.50

Note: If your yearly household income is less than $50,000,  notify staff at the time of booking. Based on your household income, the City will either reduce or waive the spay/neuter surgery fee.


Claim your pet

If your pet ends up at one of our shelters, and you need to reclaim them:

cat: $30

plus per day charge: $10/day

dog: $40

plus per day charge: $20/day

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