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Toronto Children's Services promotes access to high quality early learning, and provides child care and supports for families through a well-planned and managed system.

All families in Toronto benefit from a range of services that promote healthy child development and family well-being.

2015 Budget Highlights

The total cost to deliver Children's Services to Toronto residents in 2015 is $424.494 million gross and $76.716 million

For 2015, Children's Services faced a base pressure of $2.279 million gross due primarily to inflationary increases for salary and benefits as well as cost-of-living adjustment for purchased child care which was fully offset by line by line review savings, purchased child care expenditure adjustments per actual experience and base revenue changes.

Funding of $0.535 million is included for a new Toronto Early Learning Child Care Centre (TELCCC) with 36 new spaces, scheduled to open in July 2015, and $1.070 million in enhanced funding to address new legislated reporting requirements as well as pressures resulting from an expanded child care system.

Our Service Deliverables for 2015

Children's Services is responsible for managing Toronto's Child Care system in accordance with the Council approved Child Care Service Plan and Provincial guidelines.

The 2015 Recommended Operating Budget will fund the delivery of the following:

  • 24,932 child care subsidies;
  • 664 contracted child care centres with contracts for fee subsidy;
  • 9 home child care agencies with fee contracts for subsidy;
  • 68 additional child care centres with contracts for wage subsidy and wage improvement;
  • 53 Toronto Early Learning and Child Care Services centres, and 1 home child care agency;
  • 21 programs for children with special needs;
  • 45 family support programs;
  • 34 summer day programs; and
  • 38 After School and Recreation Programs (ARC).

Our Key Challenges & Priority Actions

  • Significant demand for increased child care spaces and subsidies - The demand for child care subsidies continue to grow and have been further augmented by the implementation of full-day kindergarten (FDK) which will be fully implemented by 2015.
    • In 2015, Children's Services will bring forward the 2015-2019 Service Plan, which will address among other things, the on-going modernization of child care, expanding age appropriate programs for children aged 6-12 and a capital strategy to ensure the availability of community based child care spaces.
    • Explore options to expand the After School Recreation and Care (ARC) Program in partnership with Parks, Forestry and Recreation as part of Middle Childhood Implementation Plan.
  • Funding the child care system modifications in response to changes in legislative requirements and an increase in service demand.
    • Funding of $1.070 million is included as an Enhanced Priority, namely, Service System Management, to help manage pressures created by the expanded child care system and from significant Provincial policy and legislative changes, including resources needed to implement a new child care funding model.

2015 Operating Budget Highlights

The 2015 Recommended Operating Budget for Children's Services of $76.716 million net is equivalent to the 2014 Approved Net Budget.

  • The Program was able to achieve a balanced budget through line by line review savings as well as increased provincial revenues. 
  • Funding of $1.070 million is included for 1 key enhanced priority, namely, Service System Management that will enable the Program to better manage the pressures emerging from the expanding child-care system as well as on-going changes to the Provincial legislations that require enhanced reporting.


Children's Services provides child care services across the City in 52 municipal child care centres, 25 of which are in City owned facilities with an asset replacement value of $53.081 million.

The 2015-2024 Recommended Capital Plan demonstrates commitment to balance the need to increase the number of child care centers in underserved, high needs communities; maintain directly operated child care centres in a state of good repair; and develop new technology systems that will deliver application efficiencies that provide administrative savings.

The 10-Year Recommended Capital Plan provides $25.089 million for 7 new child care centres creating 408 new spaces, $13.893 million for capital maintenance to maintain existing centres in a SOGR; and $2.550 million for IT system upgrades that will provide operating efficiencies.

Where does the money go?

The 2015–2024 Recommended Capital Budget and Plan of $41.532 million provides funding for projects in the following 3 areas to:

  • Construct 7 new child care centres in underserved neighborhoods, with 408 new child care spaces
  • Maintain the state of good repair in the City's 25 City operated Toronto Early Learning Child Care Centres (TELCC)
  • Deliver the Service Improvement Implementation IT project

Where does the money come from?

The 10-Year Recommended Capital Plan requires new debt funding of $17.007 million, which is in line with the debt guideline in each year of the 10-year planning period. The other sources of funding include:

  • Development Charges of $19.819 million
  • Section 37 funding of $3.507 million

Child Care Capital Reserve Fund of $1.199 million

State of Good Repair Backlog

The 10-Year Recommended Capital Plan's spending on State of Good Repair projects is $13.893 million, which will reduce the backlog of $4.969 million or 9.4% as a percentage of asset value in 2015 to 0.4% or $0.201 million in 2024, virtually eliminating the state of good repair backlog over the 10-year planning period.

Our Key Challenges & Priority Actions

  • Address Growth in High-Need under-served Communities
    • 10-Year Recommended Capital Plan includes $25.089 million in funding, which supports Council direction to increase the number of child care centres in underserved communities through the construction of 7 new centres, resulting in 408 additional spaces.
  • Deliver the Capital Upgrades through the SOGR Program
    • The Plan includes $13.893 million to reduce the backlog in the 25 City owned child care centres; to implement accessibility upgrades required by Provincial legislation; and to manage ongoing maintenance requirements.
  • Develop Service Efficiency IT Applications 
    • The Plan includes $2.550 million to develop information technology applications using the existing CSIS system that will improve on-line support for the annual budget submissions for Purchase of Service (POS) operators, and reduce the amount of staff time required to perform annual family fee subsidy assessments.

2015 Capital Budget Highlights

The 2015 Recommended Capital Budget for Children's Services of $5.088 million, including carry forward funding, will:

  • Complete the delivery of the CSIS 3 system upgrades ($0.450 million) that address outdated software applications;
  • Complete project planning and design for Block 31 Child Care Centre ($0.051 million);
  • Begin planning and design of Avondale Public School ($0.500 million), the first year of a 3 year construction term;
  • Begin the construction of the St. John the Evangelist Catholic School Child Care Centre ($1.422 million), the second year of a 5 year plan;
  • Continue the Service Efficiency Implementation project ($1.235 million) to enhance online services for families and child care operators; and

Continue to deliver capital upgrades in the municipally owned child care centres located in City-owned facilities, ($1.430 million) which are part of the ongoing Toronto Early Learning Child Care Centres (TELCCC) SOGR project of $13.893 million.