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Former City Councillor Adam Giambrone

Ward 18 Davenport

Former City Councillor Adam GiambroneAdam Giambrone was the Toronto City Councillor representing Ward 18 Davenport and was Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). He was first elected to public office in 2003 and re-elected in 2006 with 67% of the vote. He was the youngest member of Toronto City Council. As well as being an elected official, Adam is an archaeologist specializing in North African and Middle Eastern studies.

As Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission, Adam led an ambitious program to increase TTC ridership and improve service. In early 2007, he announced the acclaimed "Transit City" plan for a network of 7 new light rail lines across the City. He also announced plans for cleaner and better-designed stations, and a new fleet of modern streetcars. The TTC is also expanding 2 subway lines as part of a 15 year $18 billion expansion plan.

As Vice-Chair of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, Adam helped to develop solutions to Toronto's garbage challenges, and promote recycling and organic collection. He also worked with the Mayor to implement a multi-billion dollar road and water infrastructure program of infrastructure rehabilitation.

In addition to his work as a City Councillor, Adam served as the National President of the New Democratic Party of Canada (one of Canada's Parliamentary parties) from 2001 - 2006.

Fluent in French and Arabic, Adam Giambrone completed his B.A. in Anthropology and African Studies from McGill University, and continued on to graduate studies at the University of Toronto. He worked at the Royal Ontario Museum where he was vice-president of his union association. His work as an archaeologist has taken him to Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen and Guatemala.