Keele Finch Plus

Keele Finch Plus workmark. Planning for growth and positive change.

Keele Finch Plus is a City of Toronto City Planning Study about planning for the future of the area and how to best leverage investment in rapid transit for the benefit of the community and city.

The TTC is currently constructing a subway station at the Keele and Finch intersection, and Metrolinx is investing in the Finch West Light Rail Transit line (LRT). Both of these lines will result in improvements to public transit service to and from the Finch and Keele area. The subway and LRT lines will significantly improve mobility and transportation options for Torontonians, while also bringing a number of city building opportunities.

The City of Toronto is undertaking the Keele Finch Plus Study to build on the opportunities presented by rapid transit investment. The goal is to develop a planning framework to encourage the right kinds of growth and investment in the area, and direct investments into broader community improvements.

We invite and encourage you to be involved. Public consultation will take place at each phase in the Study.

This image depicts the general Study Process over 3 phases and about 2 years of time.

Learn more about the project and take advantage of the many ways to participate. Together we will write the next chapter in the story of Keele and Finch.


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