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Updates on selected service requests now available by email or text message


Customers who initiate a service request using the online self-serve feature on 311 Toronto’s web page now have the option of receiving updates by email or text message.

To receive status updates, customers must “subscribe” by providing an email address or phone number for notification via text message.

Service requests with this option include:

• reporting a pothole or damaged road

• debris or litter in a catch basin

• graffiti on a sidewalk, bridge or road

• leaking or damaged hydrant.

The responsible City division will update customers who subscribe to these notifications. Depending on the type of service request, a customer could receive from three to six brief “notifications” as divisions investigate, respond and close the service request.

Not all types of service requests lend themselves to automatic notifications, but for many, this new feature allows customers to learn when their reported issue is resolved. For all service requests, no matter how they are initiated, customers always have the option of calling 311 24/7 to inquire about the status of a service request. Customers can also check online at



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