Programs for Residents


Whether you're out enjoying our city's rich mosaic of parks, culture, dining, and shopping or simply going to work, there are all kinds of ways to get around that will make everyone feel better.



Cycling in Toronto

Aside from building bikeways, the City has a number of programs to facilitate and encourage cycling


Bike Share Toronto

Learn more about Bike Share Toronto - a network of bikes throughout the downtown core which you can borrow, and then return to any docking station. 


Toronto Cycling Map

The Toronto Cycling Map is a great resource for planning your route to work, school, shopping, or simply to explore.


Toronto Bike Month

Around the world in many cities, there are Bike to Work days, weeks and months. These celebrations raise awareness of the benefits of cycling.

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Safety Tips

Learn how to ride more safely, with safety videos and information


CAN-BIKE Courses

Accredited CAN-Bike Cycling courses can help you learn to ride, or improve your cycling skills.



Walking in Toronto

There are many great walking destinations in Toronto. From parks to neighbourhoods to the indoor PATH system and outdoor street events, Toronto offers a diverse array of walking opportunities for everyone.


Pedestrian Safety

Improving safety conditions for pedestrians on our roads is the goal of the City’s Walking Strategy. See what programs and initiatives are taking place to improve pedestrian safety in the city, 


Pedestrian Environment

The City of Toronto works on a number of programs that affect the pedestrian environment. These include programs to redevelop the waterfront, standards for designing vibrant streets, programs to monitor the air we breathe and more.




Learn what makes the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) - the third largest transit system in North America -  the best deal on wheels, and how it contributes to a healthy economy and environment.

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Connect with the TTC

Plan your trip, get up-to-the-minute service information through e-alerts, and find out when the next vehicle will arrive at your stop with the TTC's online services.


Cycling and Transit

Bicycles are allowed on TTC vehicles during weekday non-peak hours, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and 7:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m., and anytime on Saturday and Sunday at the discretion of vehicle operators.

Drive Green

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Smart Commute

Smart Commute helps employers and property owners reduce their costs and carbon footprints by providing programs that help their employees commute to work in sustainable ways. 

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Carpool Match

Share the costs of driving and help reduce smog by carpooling. Use the Smart Commute Online Tool to explore commuting options, find carpool matches to work, and track your travel.

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Idle-Free Toronto

It's time to clear the air and end unnecessary idling. When drivers turns off their engines, vehicles emit fewer harmful contaminants into our air and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.