Short-term Rentals

Short-term Rentals in Toronto - Public Meeting - March 28 and April 12, 2017

Slide 1: Title

Short-term Rentals in Toronto

Public Meetings

March 28 and April 12, 2017


Slide 2: Introduction

•The City of Toronto is seeking public input on regulations for short-term rentals in Toronto.

•Your feedback will help inform potential regulations for short-term rentals that will be presented to Executive Committee on June 19, 2017. 


Slide 3: Agenda

1.Staff presentation

2.Facilitated group(s) discussion to collect feedback

3.Next steps


Slide 4: Process background

•January 2016: Council directed staff to conduct research and develop potential regulations for short-term rentals

•October 2016: Staff reported on current short-term rental industry and plan for developing potential regulations

•November 2016 to May 2017: Research and public consultation

•June 2017: Report to Executive Committee on potential regulations


Slide 5: Consultation plan


•The City is conducting public consultations and third-party research to guide the City's approach to regulation of short-term rentals.

•Today is the first of two public meetings. Second meeting will be live streamed and is being held on April 12, 2017 at City Hall.

•Public survey can be completed online.


Slide 6: Short-term rentals


•Less than 30 consecutive days rented

•Run by the owners, property managers or tenants

•Occur in houses, second suites, condos and apartment buildings


Slide 7: Short-term rental platforms


•Platforms operating in Toronto include Airbnb, Flipkey, Homeaway, VRBO, Sonder, and Roomorama.


Slide 8: Current rules


•Zoning bylaw permits some residents to rent rooms in their home to tourists in some areas in Toronto. 

•No permit or licence required to operate a short-term rental, hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast in Toronto.

•No special tax on short-term rentals, traditional bed and breakfasts, hotels, or motels. 


Slide 9: Short-term rental activity in Toronto


•According to Airbnb there were around 16,000 listings rented on Airbnb in 2016.

•97% of these listings were rented for a stay that lasted less than 30 days.

•Around 24% of these listings were in houses, while around 69% were in condominiums or apartment buildings.


Slide 10: Short-term rental listings rented in 2016

Short-term rental listings rented in Toronto in 2016. Data provided by one short-term rental company only.

Slide 11: Key focus areas



•Housing availability and affordability;

•Economic development and tourism; and



Slide 12:


Visit our


•Details on next consultation

•Link to live stream

•Online survey


Slide 13: Group discussion


•We want to hear your experiences, ideas and concerns relating to short-term rentals in Toronto.

•Staff will ask a few discussion questions and record your feedback on work sheets.

•You can also write down ideas on the comment form or fill out our online survey.


Slide 14: Discussion guidelines


•Speak one at a time

•Allow time and space for others to speak

•Be respectful

•Be a patient listener

•Stay on topic


Slide 15: Discussion question 1


What are your experiences with short-term rentals?


Slide 16: Discussion question 2


The City is considering developing new rules for short-term rentals in Toronto.

What issues should the City consider?


Slide 17: Contact information


Email with your comments.