Garbage & Recycling

Bad things happen when the wrong items and recycling get together

How bad? Bad enough that it can damage equipment, cause workplace injuries at the recycling facility and ruin otherwise perfectly good recyclables.

Last year, an estimated 45,000 tonnes of garbage was mistakenly put into recycling.

That’s a big problem you can help fix.

Know the culprits

Organic WasteContainers with foodTextilesVHS TapesCoffee Cups

Food scraps like apple cores, eggshells or expired leftovers belong in your Green Bin, not your Blue Bin.

When you mistakenly toss food scraps in your Blue Bin, food residue and particles get soaked up by paper and can ruin large batches of otherwise good recyclables.

Please put all organic waste in your Green Bin.

You have to empty and rinse before you recycle. When you don’t, the residue from items like jars and take-out containers get soaked up by paper and can ruin large batches of otherwise good recyclables.

Please empty and rinse food containers before tossing them in your Blue Bin and put any food scraps in your Green Bin.

Old clothes, shoes, blankets, and curtains don’t belong in the Blue Bin. They can get caught in sorting machines, damage equipment and cause workplace injuries at the recycling facility.

Instead, donate items that are in good condition to not-for-profit agencies or drop them off for reuse at Community Environment Days.

If your items can’t be donated, put them in the Garbage.

VHS tapes, chains, hoses and electrical cords don’t go in your Blue Bin.

They can get tangled in sorting machines, damage equipment and cause workplace injuries at the recycling facility.

Instead, donate unwanted VHS tapes or check your local electronics store’s recycling program. And throw unwanted cords, hoses and cables in your Garbage.

Disposable paper coffee cups are lined with plastic or wax and, unfortunately, can’t be recycled at this time. So, please place coffee cups in the Garbage. Not the Blue Bin. 

Black plastic coffee lids (and black plastic of any kind) also can’t be recycled and should go in the Garbage.

Non-black plastic lids and paper sleeves should be removed and placed in the Blue Bin.

Other items that don’t belong in your Blue Bin:Propane tankscylinders/helium tanksmedical waste (medication and syringes)toolsCDs & DVDs