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Edwards GardenEdwards Garden

Festivals & Events

To highlight the vibrancy and diversity of Toronto, the City produces major cultural events and inclusive arts programs and helps to promote events in all neighbourhoods. There's always something to celebrate in Toronto!

Parks, Gardens & Beaches

Whether it's a leafy glade to escape the summer heat or a leaf-strewn path for autumn walks, our green spaces justify Toronto's claim to be "a city within a park."

History, Art & Culture

Connect to Toronto's rich history, culture and art at a City museum, art venue or cultural centre. A multitude of art classes, camps, school trips, and events abound for visitors and residents alike.


With programs and facilities catering to every activity under the sun, Toronto's vibrant recreation options ensure people of all ages stay active, happy and engaged.

Visitor Services

Visit a Tourist Information Centre to learn about one of the most multicultural cities in the world, or explore one of the city's diverse neighbourhoods with the Toronto Ambassador Program.