Partnership to Advance Youth Employment (PAYE)

Onik's PAYE Story

As a newcomer to Toronto, Onik was not sure where to start in order to get a job in his field. He worked three jobs in unrelated fields to make ends meet but never stopped searching for his dream job. He reached out to different people and agencies for advice and this is when he found out about PAYE.

Onik wasn't sure how this program could help him but after attending a few PAYE sessions, he quickly realized that he was in good hands. He received tremendous support from his PAYE coach who helped him customize his resumé according to specific job postings and gave him confidence to complete job interviews effectively.

Onik was interested in a job at Deloitte and applied for a position with the company through PAYE. Although he didn't get the job at the time, he applied again for the same position at a later date, again through PAYE. This time, he got an interview and was selected for the position at Deloitte. He was hired again with Deloitte after he finished his initial contract with the company.

This job gave Onik the confidence and experience he needed to start a career in his field. Today, he is working with the Bank of Montreal as a Financial Analyst and has since completed  a Bachelor's degree in Economics.

"There are so many good things to say about this wonderful program. I truly believe if I could do it, then anyone can. My last piece of advice would be to never lose hope and keep trying."


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