Design Review Panel

The Design Review Panel is comprised of private sector design professionals – architects, landscape architects, urban designers and engineers – who provide independent, objective advice to city staff aimed at improving matters of design that affect the public realm. This includes matters such as preserving the uniqueness of place, maintaining vitality, ensuring comfort and safety, and making new development compatible with its surroundings. The Panel provides advice for both private development and public projects, including advice on new urban design policy. Advice is based on professional judgment, understanding of good design principles, conformance with the Official Plan and other related documents (design guidelines, secondary plans etc.), and the design quality of the subject project.

Public Projects

The DRP is a resource for all City Divisions and Agencies undertaking projects which contain significant public realm impacts.

Private Development

The DRP reviews large-scale private development proposals primarily within the City's growth areas.

Proponent Portal

Is your project scheduled for Design Review? Find out what's required and how to prepare.

ExpandOther Design Review Panels

In addition to the City Panel, there are Panels for the following specific areas within Toronto:

  • Waterfront Toronto: reviews projects within the Central Waterfront Secondary Planning Area
  • Toronto Community Housing Corporation: reviews large-scale TCHC redevelopment initiatives
  • University of Toronto: reviews proposed development within the Downtown Campus and the Scarborough Campus.

The general geographic boundaries of these Panels are displayed in the map below.

This map shows the general location of the 4 design review panels in Toronto. These are the City of Toronto, Waterfront Toronto, University of Toronto, and Toronto Community Housing Corporation.

In the majority of cases, any given project will only be reviewed by one Panel (i.e. there is no overlapping jurisdiction). Depending on the nature of the project, there may be occasion where two Panels work together to conduct a joint review of that project.