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Urban Design Review

As part of the statutory 5 year review of the Official Plan, the City Planning Division is undertaking a review of the urban design policies found in Chapter 3 related to Built Form and Public Realm.

Urban Design Policy Review

Background Research

The City retained Canadian Urban Institute to conduct background research in support of the urban design policy review.  The Background Research Report can be accessed here.  The research consisted of five separate components:

1. Jurisdictional Review

2. Focused Interviews with Municipal Staff
3. Urban Design Reference Group Meeting 1
4. Interdivisional Reference Group Workshop
5. Urban Design Reference Group Meeting 2

Based on the research conducted, Canadian Urban Institute summarized their findings into five categories:

1. Strengthen Urban Design Policies by Stating Clear Outcomes in the Official Plan

2. Prioritize Public Realm in the Official Plan
3.  Prioritize Walkability and Human Scale
4. Address Local Issues and Context
5. Address Safety and Physical Accessibility

Together with the Consultation Summary prepared by LURA, City Planning staff will draft revised and new urban design policies for Planning and Growth Management Committee's consideration in 2017.  These draft policies will form the basis of a citywide consultation for staff to receive input.

Consultation Summary

At its meeting on August 7, 2014, Planning and Growth Management Committee directed City Planning staff to consult on Urban Design Policy Directions  contained in the report from the Chief Planner (dated July 3, 2014).

Staff hosted a number of consultation events across the City between October and December 2014.  The consultation program featured four open houses across the City, one urban design forum, 11 pop-up events, 10 stakeholder meetings, and multiple online formats.  City staff interacted with over 2,000 Torontonians.

You can now download and access the Open House presentation and panels by clicking on the links.

A summary report of all of the consultation events is also available for download, in a text-only accessible version and PDF version for printing.

At its meeting on May 14, 2015, Planning and Growth Management Committee (PGMC) directed City Planning to continue the development of draft policies for public consultation as outlined in the following report. The policies will be developed in two phases, as listed in Attachment 1 to the report.  The first phase of draft policies – for consultation – will be considered by PGMC in Q4 2015 and the second phase in 2016.  City staff will host public consultation events prior to any proposed policies being considered by City Council for approval.

Official Plan Five-Year Review: Urban Design Consultation Summary and Next Steps Report:

To view the presentation made to PGMC on Urban Design Matters on May 14, 2015, please click the following link: