Drinking Water

Priority Lead Water Service Replacement Program

Lead pipe replacementReplacement of the lead pipe that delivers water to your home is the best way to reduce your exposure to lead in drinking water.

A water service pipe is owned by the City and by the homeowner:

1. The part that the City owns runs from the watermain on the street to the property line;

2. The part that the homeowner owns runs from the property line into the home.

View the water service pipe diagram to learn more.

Residents who have replaced their lead water service pipe or plan to replace the lead pipe on their property, can apply to have the City replace its side of the pipe on a priority basis if the City's water service is lead. You can confirm if your pipes are lead through a licensed plumber. You can also contact 311 to submit a service request to have staff check City records. This process may take up to 30 business days. 

To apply for the program and complete the replacement, you can either: 

  • Contact the City's contractor and arrange to have them replace your side of the pipe and the City's side at the same time. The costs for replacing your side are your responsibility. Homeowners are encouraged to obtain several independent quotes before choosing a contractor.
  • Complete and mail in the application form.


  • Hire your own contractor to replace your side of the pipe first and then apply to have the City replace its side.
  • Homeowners must complete the application form and attach proof of the private work being completed. This can be done by supplying an invoice from a contractor or licensed plumber, or a home inspector's report verifying that the private side of the water pipe is not lead.

Application processing

Applications may take up to two weeks to process. Each applicant will receive a letter to confirm that the City-owned portion of the water service pipe is lead and timing for any replacement work.

Water service replacement

The City-owned portion of the water service pipe will be replaced up to 12 weeks following approval of an application, pending circumstancing outside of the City's control.

There are several factors that can impact why it takes longer than usual to complete this work including:

  • Unfavourable weather conditions;
  • Scheduling issues between the homeowner and contractor;
  • Increase in the number of applications; and
  • Time needed to do locates of underground utilities before work can commence.

Homeowners who are approved for the program will receive a letter that outlines the construction schedule and the contact information for the contractor assigned to complete the replacement. If it has been 12 weeks or longer and you have questions about your water service replacement, please contact the contractor listed in your acceptance letter.


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